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Easy Frozen Dog Treats

Simple frozen treats make cool snacks

Snacks are usually healthier when you know what's in them, so pop these in your freezer to create simple, frozen dog treats for Fido, and be sure to kiss the chef!

Sardine Popsicle
Keep a bag of frozen sardines in your freezer, and pop one out for a crunchy and super healthy summer treat! The concentrated fish oils also promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Red Pepper Pop
Did you know that dogs need veggies just like you? Eating veggies doesn’t have to be a struggle. Slice and freeze red peppers for a cool treat that is packed with vitamins.

Liver Frappé
Boil calves or chicken liver, process in a blender, then freeze tiny ice-cube sized treats. A healthy payoff of concentrated Vitamins A and B-12, essential for eyes, fur and skin.

A note from the Pet Doc

Hills and Royal Canin pet dietsHomemade treats are a wonderful gift for your BFF, but don’t try to be your dog’s chef. High quality dog diets (such as Hill’s and Royal Canin) are formulated to include all of the canine nutritional requirements that are difficult to provide yourself. Avoid over-feeding any of the treats above—stick to once a day. Fido’s digestive system can’t handle too many treats, and you won’t be happy cleaning up the mess 🙂

Dr. Cuesta is the expert on diets, so please ask him for recommendations specifically for your Furry Friend. “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” is especially true for canines. Many issues, such as chronic skin conditions, can be more effectively controlled with diet instead of medicine. A bow-WOW beautiful sleek coat is directly attributed to high quality food.

Our wonderful Pet Nurses also receive frequent training on the subject of of canine diets. Together we will find just the right food to keep your Friend’s tail wagging!

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