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Greyhound Dress-up Paper Doll

Your very own Greyhound

greyhound dress up paper dollAdopt your very own Greyhound dress-up paper doll complete with a bed, toys, and three outfits!  To get started, click the image at left and print using a "borderless" setting. For a sturdier Greyhound paper doll, we recommend printing on card stock or stiff photo paper. Cut out the outfits, leaving the tabs indicated by the dotted lines. Cut out the stands (each one is labeled) and notch with scissors at the grey line. Assemble your new friend, folding the tabs to fasten her favorite outfit!

Hey Big Kids...your very own Greyhound dress-up doll makes a cute desk accessory too.

Greyhounds and Kids

Despite being one of the fastest animals on earth, Greyhounds are unusually gentle, quiet and even-tempered. After a good run with speeds topping 40 MPH (which is an amazing and beautiful sight!), a Greyhound will spend the rest of the day lounging on the couch. Because of their calm temperament, Greyhounds are frequently placed in homes with children with great success. Keep in mind that a Greyhound is not a high-energy dog, so this breed might not be right for all families. A Greyhound is best suited for life indoors in a peaceful environment. If you are considering adopting a Greyhound, you might also ask Dr. Cuesta about his Greyhound, Daisy, and he will be delighted to tell you all about this wonderful breed! 



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